• Venkatesh Ma

    Venkatesh Ma

    I design & build software products. Stumbling all forms of matter in & around Earth.

  • AC Mohan

    AC Mohan

  • Jeyanthan I

    Jeyanthan I

    Netizen | FOSS Enthusiast | I work @ Atlassian

  • Balaji Malliswamy

    Balaji Malliswamy

    iOS Engineer, Technical Lead @ivymobility • Writer @ Swift India Publication • Event Organizer @swiftindiagroup meetups. • https://unsplash.com/@blahji

  • Holger Kreissl

    Holger Kreissl

    Mobile & cloud enthusiast, MCSD, iSAQB certified architect, Growth Manager and certified scrum master.

  • Lorenz VS

    Lorenz VS

    Product Designer at Crowdhouse.ch

  • Sonaal


    Creator. Designer. Made - Design Minimal, GoLimitless, Water(iOS), Screeny (iOS), Storm it, Vookmark. I run @nfnlabs & @kabadiconnect otherwise

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