There were days where I used to go out and play, early morning, with a bunch of friends. The feeling I experienced after an intense game was priceless. I know it’s been quite a while since we experienced those, thanks to the invention of apps that keep us hooked.

I got introduced to social media during my high school year where I created an account on Facebook and the concept of adding more friends made you popular amongst your classmates back then. …

Building something cool but not designed to work for everyone? Well, it’s time you should, after you read this article.

Illustration by Alejandro Ramirez

We’re living in an age where people jaw-drop and admire the fancy, artsy user interfaces on Dribbble (dribbblisation of design) and do not care about how functional and usable the product is.

It must be noted that not everyone has a perfect vision, hearing, speaking or cognitive abilities.

Intro about VR:

Virtual reality is a computer generated environment which makes you take a ride to a whole new world. Within seconds, you’ll forget the real world exists visually by just wearing a headset around your head. You can take a trip to the solar system visiting other planets, surf or get yourself lost in a haunted house. Virtual reality is nascent but we’re pretty sure everyone will have a virtual reality app in the near future. As of now, it’s like web in the 90’s.

I wanted to envision virtual reality on our in-house product called Vookmark which allows you to…

Harish Shivaraman

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